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Fingerprint Game, Crime Scene Solutions – A CSI Case Study
Fingerprint Game and Fingerprint Identification Made Simple — A CSI Case Study
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There are some mysteries in life, and among these are the crime scenes and crime cases where the criminal is gone, and there is no one around to whom the crime can be linked. Yet, Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) make their mark —and earn their pay — by trying to solve some of these mysteries by gathering clues such as fingerprints, blood and hair samples. Fingerprint clues often help link potential suspects to the actual criminal. This fingerprint science experiment and exercise helps people to see and understand important things about fingerprints. Pictured here are whorl, arch and loop patterns of real fingerprints. CSI investgators study these fingerprint arches, whorls and loops, and they try to match the fingerprints of possible or potential suspects with fingerprint evidence gathered at the crime scene. It is time to see the fingerprint evidence!
Fingerprint Whorl Pattern, Enlargement Reveals Details
Loop Fingerprint, FBI
Fingerprint Arch Pattern, Enlargement Reveals Details

Fingerprint Game – Match Latent Fingerprint from Crime Scene with 8 Suspects' Prints

Fingerprint, Latent Print from Crime Scene
This is fingerprint photo from a crime scene. CSI, Crime Scene Investigators, have been called in to match the latent print to 8 potential suspects and their fingerprints. Before you go to the site for this review, remember these points:

1. Type of Latent Fingerprint Found at Crime Scene

Determine which type print character belongs to the latent print: loop, whorl, or arch.

Review of Latent Crime Scene Fingerprint by CSI Team

Let everyone on the CSI team review the latent fingerprint from the crime scene before inspecting the 8 suspect prints.

Fingerprint from Crime Scene, Analysis and Caution

Ignore the whited middle area of the latent fingerprint – the print is not complete (partial fingerprint), but has sufficient clear markings to enable an identification.

4. Fingerprint Comparisons Among Criminal Suspects  

All members of the CSI Team will go to the fingerprint site (NIST) and see all the prints A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. The fingerprints displayed at the NIST site represent 8 suspects possibly implicated at the Crime Scene. The NIST site should be visited only after reading instructions 5, 6 and 7 following.

5. Fingerprint Analyses by All CSI Members 

Let everyone in the CSI group look at and study the prints. 
Remember to work with care and good scientific method – Observe (the latent print), Hypothesize, (1 of the 8 suspect prints will match), Experiment (compare prints), and reach a Conclusion (this suspect's print matches the latent print). Write in each Science Notebook those prints that are definitely not matches, and some that might be.

Fingerprint Final Decisions

Let everyone decide, without telling others, what is the one match that seems right. 
There is only 1 fingerprint that matches. 
The  Correct  fingerprint identity is revealed when the proper letter under the print is clicked

 7. Fingerprint Crime and Mystery Fingerprints are now Available at the 

Good Luck CSI Team! Catch the criminal, and free the innocent suspects
Remember to be good applied scientists,and to use the scientific method (see #5 above).

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