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This site is dedicated to the proper, wise and good use of the scientific method in all the basic sciences from Astronomy to Zoology. The scientific method is foundational and uses an ordered and logical approach to reach answers and possible solutions to problems of the material world.

It is good, important and necessary to place ourselves as humans and the material universe in right and proper perspective. Whenever and wherever something is opinion, hypothesis, tenets of belief, or feelings, and not fully verifiable by scientific methods, that will be made clear. The scientific method, science "facts", science techniques and tools should not contradict anyone's faith or beliefs, regardless of one's opinions or beliefs. Scientific methods, science tools, science techniques and the laboratories of science can only explain the physical and measurable world.
The Scientific Method and Science, Beliefs and Philosophies

Science deals with the material world alone. Scientific methods cannot prove, or disprove, the existence of God — those discussions are truly for philosophy and religion. For committed believers or theists, they attest that the material world proclaims, affirms and points to the existence of an Intelligent and Loving Creator. For agnostics and atheists, science, random chance, Darwinism and the Theory of Evolution, with selection and survival of the fittest, are sufficient to satisfy the intellect.

During life's journey, each person seeks the truth and, hopefully will find truth along the multiple and complex paths and roads of life. Here, some light is shed on various aspects of science, and here both the eyes and mind can be opened to the wonders of science and the scientific method.

This is a place for scientific learning and scientific interaction and, hopefully, a comfortable and iluminating domain for science facts, science self-instruction and science tutoring.

Excellent learning occurs when there is a desire to learn, and where there are factual, accurate, and trustworthy knowledge sources available to students and teachers — this science site strives to be just that.

Perfection is not claimed here — the attempt to attain that goal, however, is sought wih fervor.

Thanks again for being here.